20 Hours with - Why I Do This

20 Hours with Wyzant - Why I Do This

20 Hours with Wyzant - Why I Do This.

I've just had over 20 hours of tutoring with WyzAnt, so I'll list the subjects that I have taught so far and some of my experiences with them, and re-discuss the question of why I tutor once more:

I've helped a student with an introductory accounting class at Pierce. I've helped a student with a behavioral statistics class at Temple. I've helped a student with a macroeconomics class at Drexel.

The experiences have all been helpful. I list them as I get more experience (the subjects at least) in my profile because in helping a student with a class, it helps if you have dealt with the class before so you don't have to spend time figuring out how best to teach/present the material for the student.

Now why do I tutor? I consider teaching to be a calling for me and would likely have done it full time if it paid more. I've taught for one of the top standardized test prep companies in the country and I still teach the GMAT for them. I don't really need the money to teach - for me, it is all about helping someone achieve their goals. The joy of seeing someone hurdle an obstacle on their path to an achievement they always dreamed of, but struggled to attain, is why I do this. The money is an afterthought, since I earn enough of it from my full time job and would not teach if I didn't find it a genuinely ennobling profession.

Will revisit this topic after the 50+ hours milestone (with the help of good students and WyzAnt)!

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